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Club Reports 2016

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Sunday December 3rd - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

A bit disappointing
Seven club members set off very early (06:30) from Littlehampton marina
Again we headed out (about 90 minutes) looking for rays, whiting, cod?? and any other obliging fish.
There was quite a strong tide which needed 12oz - 20oz leads to hold bottom but we still had fish comingg in all day but the species we got out there were not really seasonal.
There were a few sizeable bream (up to a couple of pounds!), a little conger eel, a number of dogfish and pout, three good sized tub gurnards, a small spotted ray, two thornback rays, an undulate ray, a smoothhound and just one whiting.
Biggest fish fell to Alan Whittaker who also caught six species.


Sunday November 18th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

A bit disappointing
A full crew of 8 eight club members
We went right out (about 12 miles) hoping for the bigger fish because the inshore marks had not been fishing well recently .
Our firat stop produced very little apart from some small stuff and one undulate ray and so when the sea calmed a little more we headed even futher out.
Sadly not much there although we got a few more species and there was another undulate and a bullhuss.
The catch ended up consisting of a feww sizeable bream, some dogfish, pout and poorcod and one mackerel, one bullhuss and two undulate rays.
Not only was Mick's bullhuss (9lb 15oz) three ounces bigger than Jason's undulate, he also managed to catch at least one of every species boated and so took all the points.


Thursday 9th December - Hayling - Malaki (Barry Handley)

Lots of Whiting
Three members on board David Barned, Mick Doody and Jim Grant
Not VERY cold, not VERY windy and it stayed dry.
We went ouut past the Nab looking for the elusive cod and the not so elusive whiting.
We all caught lots of whiting (up to 2.5 lb) None of us caught cod. there was one undulate boated but not by any of us. Everybody also got pout and dogfish.


Sat/Sun November 5/6th - Weymouth Wild Frontier (Clem Carter)

The weather keeps us inshore
The weather cold and windy but northerly so we just kept inshore for the two days.
SATURDAY We fished out on the edge of the race to begin with but when it got to uncomfortable Clem moved the boat closer and closer to the shore, ending up at the entrancee to portland harbour and then along the wall.
We ended up with seventeen species (tompot blenny, bream, bullhuss, conger, dogfish, common goby, mackerel, pollack, poorcod, pout, red band fish, smoothhound, ballan wrasse, corkwing wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, goldsinny wrasse.
Mick took all the honours with a 15lb conger eel and twelve species.

This tme we rwent around to the other side of Portland Bill where it waas MUCH more comfortable.
We moved a couple of times as the tidal conditions changed but did not stray far from the shore.
Twelve species this time (tompot blenny, bream, bullhuss (to 8lb), conger, dogfish, ling, poorcod, pollack (to about 8lb), pout, mackerel, ballan wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, goldsinny wrasse and rock cook wrasse).

Mick and Phil both got a 15lb conger and I had nine species.

Thanks Clem.

[Jim Grant]

Wed/Thu November 2/3rd - Penzance - Bite Adventure( Robin ‘Chippy’ Chapman )

TWO fantastic days - records
Five club members on the trip (Colin,Dave, and Les Barnes invited Mick and myself to join them on the trip).

Over the two days we caught a total of twenty-six species (red bream, cod, conger eel, dab, dogfish, garfish, grey gurnard, haddock, tub gurnard, herring, ling, mackerel, megrim, pilchard, plaice, pollack, poorcod, pout, blonde ray, small-eyed ray, turbot, greater weever, lesser weever, ballal wrasse, cuckoo wrasse and whiting) including new club records for haddock (4lb 9oz) and (1lb 7oz 4dr).

As the forecast was better for the Thursday we stayed inshore mostly around the area of the Minack where we had the majority of the species. When we moved out a little further we added several more including the new club record greater weever (!lb 7oz 4dr).
The biggest fish was a 20lb conger for Colin and Les, Mick and I managed ten (out of 21) species each.

THURSDAY With the better weather we had the opportunity to get a bit futher out where we got surrounded by dolpins rolling and diving around the boat for over an hour and we could see in the distance the bluefin tuna leaping right out of the water and splashing down. This is also where the haddock live and Colin boated a new club record of 4lb 9oz.
When the tide dropped Chippy brought the boat further in to drift for other things like red bream and megrim.

Largest fish was Colin's haddock and Les and Mick both managed nine species.

[Report by Jim]

Sunday Oct 30th - Dover Portia (Matt Coker)

Lots of bass
A perfect autumnal day out of Dover aboard Portia skippered by Matt Coker.
Early fog quickly burnt off allowing us to drift on the French side for Launce, Mackerel (most of which were very big) and Turbot. Tub Gurnard were prevalent along with a couple of Reds and Lesser Weevers. Two unexpected Bass came to the net along with two nice Plaice and a sizeable Dab before the tide was lost. We returned to the Varne Banks where there were more Bass and two nice Brill amongst the Turbot etc.

Later in the afternoon we drifted several wrecks with feathers and lures where many Bass were caught most of which were returned. Scad were out in force and Pouting were in evidence. A lone Pollack and Whiting also came aboard.

An excellent day where fish were caught all day with everyone seeing action. A total of 14 different species were taken with Farooq having most on 8 and Roy Hebburn with the biggest Bass of three and a half pounds.

[Report by Roy]

Monday - Friday October 10/14th - Weymouth Weymouth International Boat Angling Challenge

Well we tried !! Results here
Three club members (Mick, John and myself) took part as did another eighty anglers. Most came from the UK but there were quite a number from abroad with a lot of the members (and ex-members) of internation teams competing.

Not to dwell on it too much - We all three came in the bottom half of the overall scores table. John had the best result out of the three of us being just out of the top half, at least I improved compared to my performance from last time (2 years ago) and this tme none of us ended up in last place.
Even though we had traditional (windy) WIBAC weather we did have a great time and fished with some real experts and so learnt a lot. I can recommend it if you want to fish with champions (and you never know - there are cash and other prizes there to be won). I, and probably several other club members, will be there next year.

[Jim Grant]

Sat/Sun October 8/9th - Weymouth Wild Frontier (Clem Carter)

A bit of a scrappy report due to internet problems
The weather was kind(ish), a bit blowy with the wind coming from the northerly quarters of the compas but reasonably comfortable as long as we stayed inshore. The nine club members on the boat had a good couple of days catching quite a few really nice black bream, a number of the inevitable dogfish, about a dozen bullhuss, several small conger eels, three red gurnards, about thirty mackerel, a brace or small pollack, just one poorcod, a few pout, four nice undulate rays (10 - 14lb) and a couple of scad

On Saturday Roy Hebburn had the biggest fish (14lb 6oz undulate) and it was a four way tie for species with five each for Chris Anderson, Mick Doody, Phil Evans and myself.

On Sunday Mick took all the honours with a 20lb conger eel and eight species.

Another good trip - Thanks Clem.

[Jim Grant]

Friday September 23rd - Poole True Blue (Steve Porter)

Was’appening Trigg?
[Phil Evans Trigger] Gavin T. & ! booked on this as a private trip.

A reasonable amount of species caught by both of us including gobies, bass , smoothhound & small bream being bigger pests than pouting nowadays.
The main difference was I caught this quick sleek little number above, similar to its captor in fact.

I was pleased because it was the first Trigger I’ve caught and because Gavin ate 2 of my chocolate Tracker bars when I only had 3 to start with.

Note from webmaster - other forms of fattening confectionery are available

Sat/Sun September 24/25th - Weymouth - Flamer (Colin Penny)

The Tony Barnes Trophy Competition - Barnes versus GCSAC
[Barnes V GCSAC 2016] We spent the two days basically hiding from the worst of the wind, so most of the time was spent close to the shore and the second day ended with us fishing in the harbour for eels and flounders (we caught gobies instead).

Colin Penny not only drove the boat but kept the scores and refereed. Those who earned a "Yellow card" will remain nameless (you know who you are!).
Lots of different fish were caught, most of which were small, and some of which were new to our record books.
Over the two days we had twenty-eight species - bass, tompot blennies, black gobies, common gobies, jeffereys gobies, leopard spotted gobies, rock gobies, black bream, gilthead bream, dogfish, garfish, red gurnard, mackerel, pollack, poorcod, pout, undulate ray, thornback ray, red band fish, scad, smoothhound, whiting, ballan wrasse, bailions wrasse, corkwing wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, rockcook wrasse, goldsinney wrasse.

Guildford were supremely confident at the end of day one (Saturday) with a commanding lead of eight points (749 - 741).
BUT Sunday saw a complete turnaround with the Barnes catching up and steadily overtaking, Guildford fought back but only made inroads into their lead when we headed into the traditional Barnes territory of the inner harbour. Inexplicably Guildford racked up species after mini-species. All too late because the final whistle blew with Barnes having scored 32 points more than Guildford (977 - 945) for the day and so taking the match by 24 points. Colin also presented the "Tony Barnes Memorial Trophy" to the Barnes and also gave individual trophies to Mick (most points), Les (runner-up) and Roy (lowest 1 day score).


Friday September 23rd - Weymouth - Flamer (Colin Penny)

ANOTHER Barnes practice - now with all five of this year's Barnes team
Three members on board david colin and les barnes plus david jnr and ricky barnes
It's a sunny flat calm morning
We steamed round chesil beach to a wreck but the beach fishermen had beaten us there so we fished a reef.
There was black bream and pouting so moved across to some sand and got plaice. We moved back along Portland lots of pouting a conger bull Huss. Wrasse. Then. back to the wall garfish and wrasse.
Then to the red band fish patch to finish in the middle entrance for black bream and wrasse a good day by all.
David had black bream. Conger eel garfish. Red gurnard. Pouting. Ballan wrasse. Gold sinny wrasse. Cork wing wrasse and common goby?
Les had black bream. Dogfish. Red gurnard. Poor cod. Pouting. Scad. Ballan wrasse. Cuckoo wrasse. Goldsinny wrasse and Cork wing wrasse.
Colin had black bream. Red gurnard. Mackerel. Poor cod. Pouting. Ballan wrasse. And corkwing wrasse


Thursday September 22nd - Weymouth - Flamer (Colin Penny)

The Barnes take the "Tony" trophy seriously (First practice day)

Three members David, Colin and Les barnes
We launched at 8.00 a overcast drizzly morning light south westerly breeze. We were species hunting and the first stop was for red band fish. Second stop onside Portland then to a muddy patch, then across the bay for Ray's.
By now the sun is out its hot and calm.
We ended round Portland for garfish and wrasse we came in at 4.30

David had black bream. Dogfish. Garfish. Red band fish. Smooth hounds. Gold sinny wrasse. Cork wing wrasse. Black goby. Common goby. Jeffries goby.
Les had black bream. Dogfish. Garfish. Pouting. Spotted Ray red band fish. Smooth hound. Cuckoo wrasse. Gold sinny wrasse. Cork wing wrasse. Common goby. Jeffries goby.
Colin had black bream. Dogfish. Pouting. Spotted Ray. Red band fish. Scad. Smooth hound. Ballan wrasse. Bailions wrasse. Gold sinny wrasse. Black goby. Common goby. Tompot blenny

A good day - Colin Penny did well.


Sunday September 18th - Poole Rocket II (Trevor Small)

A private trip
This was a private trip with two members on board, Colin and Les Barnes
The Weather first thing was a little cloudy and windy but soon cleared to become a beautiful day. We were on a bit of a play day trying lots of different things, there has been some big Porbeagles seen and a couple of big Threshers so we had a shark rod for most of the day, most of our experiments didn’t work but we did have a few fish on board, nothing of any size, the biggest being a Tope of around 25lb.
We caught Tope, Bullhuss, Smoothhound, Dogfish, Blonde Ray, and Black Bream, Mackeral, and Les had a Spotted Ray which is a new one for his catch list this year


Sunday September 18th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

A slow fine day
Just 7 club members aboard.
Our choice of marks was limited because of one of the biggest tides of the year.
The first attempt was a of mark about four miles out for smoothhounds but all that was around were tiny bream.
Then it was plaice fishing which did produce a few, though not many and nothing huge.
Lastly we went just about a mile offshore where we got a couple of little hounds and a few dogfish.
The catch consisted of lots of small bream (up to 12oz), half a dozen dogfish, one tub gurnard, nine plaice of which ony four were big enough to retain, a scad and three smoothhounds (biggest 4-5 lb)
I had five species and also the biggest fish.


Sunday September 7th - Poole True Blue (Steve Porter)

Les Barnes Strikes again with a Couches
Six GCSAC members booked on this as a private afternoon/evening trip with the remainder being made up of some locals.
This was one of the heats in True Blue's annual competition where the winner goes on to fish in the final in October. Initially we spent quite a fair time drifting in the harbour catching a fair variety of species just outside the marina before going out for rays & tope etc. We stopped off at the patches for some wrasse & mini species and finished anchoring off Bournemouth beach before coming in, knocking on for midnight.

It was a very enjoyable trip with 20 different species being caught in total including a Couches bream & a red mullet.

A pleasant afternoon & evening fishing under the stars targeting nocturnal sole. Unfortunately there were no sole to be had but there were a few other species including bream & the Couches for Les.
Mick Doody & I sat at the back of the boat on the cooler chest drinking tea & coke whilst watching the fireworks on the beach. At one point we felt like holding hands. Colin & Les both left their headlamps in the car and looked like a pair of werewolves in the moonlight. See below photo taken just before Les Werewolf Barnes devours his couches whilst still alive. In the meantime Mike Patey looking like a Scotish miner at the coalface would talk to people without switching his headlamp off & shine it in their faces. [Les Barnes Couches]

Mike Pat A Cake caught plaice, lots of bream & “poot” (3 species).
Phil caught much the same with scad, ballan& goldsinney wrasse ( 6 species).
Gavin caught bream, pout, poor cod, tope, smoothound, goby (7 species).
Mick caught Plaice, Scad, Ballan Wrasse, Dogfish, Black Bream, Pouting (6 species)
Les caught Plaice, Scad, Black Bream, Couches Bream, Common Goby, Corkwing, Pouting (7 species)
Colin caught Plaice, Goldsinny Wrasse, Ballan Wrasse, Poor Cod, Dragonette, Black Bream, Pouting (7 species)

Well done to Les Barnes for winning this heat, not just beating some crack GCSAC members but also some very experienced locals. Les will now also be joined by the considerably younger & talented Phil Evans on 22nd October in the final who has also qualified since in what was a more difficult heat.

I think we all gave a reasonable account of ourselves to be honest. We really should make one of these trips an annual event next year but remember to bring our head lamps & beta lights that go on the end of the rod.


Tue/Wed August 30/31st - Penzance - Bite Adventure( Robin ‘Chippy’ Chapman )

Species, Club records and Sharks
First thand thing first and that is a big "thank you" to Colin, Dave, and Les Barnes for inviting me to join them on the trip.
I went down with Dave and Mary, I started off nice and early but it took 2hrs 15mins alone to get to Daves house (Reading Festival) then we lost another four hours due to a horrendous accident on the M5 (well over 3 hours getting round the diversion from J20 to J21)
Once we had all got there, we had a a "grand old time", eating well in the evenings and having excellent fishing during the day.

Monday was a day looking for species. Just outside the harbour for mackerel and scad and poorcod, nearer the theatre for gurnards, wrasse and dogfish, out to the deper water for couches bream, greater weever and conger, and then inshore again for plaice dabs and more of the same species as before. Finally we caught a load of mackerel for bait the following day.
We had couche's bream (6lb 2oz), little conger eels, dab, dogfish, grey, red and tub gurnards, mackerel, plaice, poorcod, scad, ballan, a greater weever (14oz 12dr) and cuckoo wrasse.
Dave got the only weever but Les took the honours for biggest fish with his new club record couche's bream which, as you would have expected, put up a tremendous fight. Les also managed 11 species.

Tuesday was dedicated to the sharks.
A few more mackerel for bait and then it was off to the deep water. We saw dolpins on the way. On arrival the engines were stopped and we saw more dolphins. The rubby-dubby was put in the bags and Chippy and his mate Tim started putting out the rods. Blue sharks appeared before the last rods were set up.
The rest of the day was short rest periods and long sessions of excitement when we could see sharks swimming round the boat, attacking the rubby-dubby, attacking the "bottle floats", and of course taking the baits and pods of dolphin also taking ann interest in us. Chippy was busy all the time, baiting up, setting baits out, "hooking up", sometimes snatching baits (and rubby-dubby) away from the sharks and supervising everything else as well.
I had a tremendous tussle with a large blue which we got to the boat but failed to get through the door to measure (Chippy's estimate was "over 140lb).
Colin had porbeagle of 50lb which really did not want to come aboard or to lay still for hook removal and Dave also had one which was just a little bit smaller.
Finally, on the way back, we tried to get some mackerel for the next party of anglers but they were a bit sparse. We had just the two porbeagles but fifty-two blues (most around the 40 - 80lb mark) incluuding the big one.
An absolutely brilliant trip big thanks to Chippy (and Tim).

I am looking to get back on "Bite Adventures" at the next opportunity.

[Report by Jim]

Sunday August 17th - Dover Portia (Mick Coker)

Another good trip on Portia

A good trip aboard Portia out of Dover on Sunday August 28th. Eight fished and ten different species were caught.
The rain forecast did not materialise but the rising SW wind did - fortunately we were drifting and the catamaran managed the heavy sea well enough.
Mackerel were caught for bait and plenty of Sandeels turned up.
Turbot were the main quarry and whilst not prolific most anglers caught several.
Decent sized Tub Gurnard abounded and Peter Talbot found a lone Brill.
Linda Talmadge landed a nice sized Greater Weever and several of the Lesser variety appeared - one painfully so for Gavin.
Dogfish, Pout and a lone Scad made up the remainder of the bag.
Roy Hebburn had most species on seven. No one claimed the biggest fish!

[Report by Roy]

Wed - Fri August 10th - 12th - Weymouth - Flamer (Colin Penny)

Weymouth Conger Festival
There were only seven of us on the trip, Colin could not make it, due to work pressures.
For the magnificent seven the event started slowly and steadily got worse. The cunning plan go out on the Tuesday evening and catch and ice down load of mackerel for bait had to be abandoned due to the ice having all melted.

Wednesday -
There were plenty of mackerel in the harbour entrance so we were soon out to a wreck. It did produce a few smallish congers so everybody had at least one and Roy topped the count (and the boat's competition points) with seven, I got six but they included the largest one (45lb).
The only other species to appear were small tope and dogfish and also one grey gurnard which came up on the mackerel feathers to give Roy the most species (4).

Thursday -
Again plenty of mackerel, but when we got to the wreck the strong wind meant Colin could not get the anchor to hold, so only one eel was caught out there.
Then we went inshore to fish another wreck but it was already occupied so we ended up on the reef where we picked up a couple more. Very disappointing.
Peter Thatcher had the biggest eel but Roy again managed to get more eels than anyone else (2) so again topped the points and pick up a red gurnard to go with yesterday's grey and together with pout and a dogfish he again had more species than anyone else. Mick had a bass (sizeable but it went back anyway).

In the evening the skippers very generously layed on a barbeque at the Sailors Return so most of the skippes, crewmen and anglers got together there to swap notes (and tall stories).

Friday -
There were very few mackerel in the harbour mouth so all the boats were struggling for bait. We soon gave up, as we were going West unlike the other boats who headed East, and so we found plenty "off the Bill".
This time we went to the inshore wreck that had been "occupied" thee previous day. It seems that they had emptied it or overfed the eels because it just did not produce. Went on the reef again with little success. we ended up with less than ten eels and a couple of tope and dogs between us.
Roy again led the way with most eels (and points). Mick had four species.

Last day of the competition means presentation time - beer, snacks, and of course prizes.
As Roy topped the points on our boat every day he ended up with 300 percentage points but as he was not the only one to do this he got the second prize (a nice rod) and also the boat prize (rod ba). I got the prize for the biggest fish on our boat (travel bag).

[Report by Jim]

Mon - Sun July 25th - 31st - Penzance - Bite Adventure( Robin ‘Chippy’ Chapman )

Quite a bit of everything at Penzance
Day one (Monday).
Members on board - Colin Les and David Barnes, Mick Doody. Phil Evans. Roy hebburn, Ricky Nthersole and Gavin Thomson.
A bright sunny warm morning we boarded chippy was not happy with the amount of boxes on board, he likes a clear deck when he is sharking. The rubby-dubby tubs were ready so we caught a few fresh mackerel and steamed out to the shark grounds.
We picked numbers for turns at sharking rods and those not sharking bottom fished. There was a big swell but it was fishable.
There was 12 blue sharks the best being 92lb by Les.
Colin had blue shark. mackerel, whiting and haddock,
Les caught blue shark, mackerel, whiting snd plaice,
Mick captured blue shark, mackerel, whiting. haddock, Garfish
Phil managed blue shark, mackerel, red gurnard, grey gurnard. whiting, haddock and garfish
Roy found blue shark, mackerel and whiting.
Ricky restricted himself to blue shark and mackerel.
Gavin found blue shark mackerel herring. grey gurnard. poorcod, whiting, Haddock, scad
David boated blue shark, mackerel, grey gurnard, whiting, haddock and scad.

Day two (Tuesday) It was a dull damp morning. Most of us did not take boxes on board to make some room.
We steamed just outside and got a box full of mackerel in no time and then it was out to the shark grounds.
while we was steaming out Ricky and Mick minced the rubby dubby.
There were loads of sharks, we boated 40 blue sharks and Ricky had the best at 100lb.
Colin, David, Les and Ricky had blue sharks nd mackerel.
Mick had blue shark, mackerel, whiting, red gurnard,
Phil had blue shark mackerel haddock,
Roy had blue shark, mackeral, haddock, whiting, and grey gurnard.
Gavin had blue shark mackeral whiting.

Day three (Wednesday)
A sad day Roy had to go home he is not well.
It was a bit greasy in the morning. We got some mackeral on the way out. We drifted past the theatre a few times at different depths and we had fish.
Then off to Pinnacle Rock where we lost lots of tackle but got lots of fish.
Then to deeper water where we had a megrim.
Rick was on fire today with loads of species. Colin - mackeral, grey gurnard, dab, plaice, poorcod, cuckoo wrasse, ballan wrasse, dogfish, whiting, pouting and blonde ray.
Les - mackeral, grey gurnard, dab, plaice, cuckoo wrasse. tub gurnard, pollock. poorcod, scad. dogfish, whiting and pouting.
Mick - mackeral, grey gurnard, plaice, cod, red gurnard, cuckoo wrasse, pollock, poorcod, ballan wrasse, dogfish, whiting, ling and red bream
Phil - mackeral, plaice, cod, red gurnard, cuckoo wrasse, pollock, poorcod, scad, dogfish, whiting, haddock and pouting.
Ricky - mackeral, dab, plaice, lesser weever, cod, cuckoo wrasse, haddock, meagrim, whiting, dogfish, scad, poorcod, pollock and tub gurnard,
Gavin - mackeral, grey gurnard, dab, cuckoo wrasse, scad, dogfish and whiting
David - mackeral, red gurnard, cuckoo wrasse, tub gurnard, poorcod, scad, whiting and pouting.

Day four (Thursday)
It was a calm warm morning.
We did not go far for our mackeral and then we went out a bit further and anchored up by the theatre for dragonettes. Gavin showed us the way, he had loads, then we drifted. Gavin had a imperial scaldfish, they are rarer than hens teeth, we had loads of drifts.
Colin only had mackeral.
Les had cuckoo wrasse, mackeral, red gurnard, dab, dogfish, plaice and goldsinney wrasse.
Mick had cuckoo wrasse, mackeral dragonet, dab, launce, ballan wrasse and gold sinny wrasse.
Phil had cuckoo wrasse, mackeral, dab, dogfish, tub gurnard, plaice grey gurnard, ballan wrasse and Gold sinny wrasse.
Ricky just had scad and mackeral.
Gavin got mackeral, cuckoo wrasse, scad, dragonet, dab, imperial scaldfish, ballan wrasse. David just mackeral and dab.

Day five (Friday)
It was a calm day but heavy rain,
As usual mackeral first, then out to pinnacle Rock for coalfish, cod and wrasse then anchored up for rays, then drifted passed the theatre a few times Colin had mackeral, pollock. cod, red gurnard, dab, grey gurnard lesser weever,cuckoo wrasse. whiting. dogfish, haddock and scad.
Les got mackeral, grey gurnard and whiting.
Mick had mackeral, red gurnard, pollock, coalfish, dab, grey gurnard, plaice, whiting, poorcod, pouting, megrim and scad.
Phil had mackeral, pollock. coalfish, cod, red gurnard, grey gurnard, tub gurnard, plaice, launce, whiting, haddock, and meagrim.
Ricky had mackeral, pollock, coalfish, ballan wrasse cod, red gurnard. grey gurnard. dogfish, haddock, whiting and turbot
Gavin had mackeral pollock, cod, dab, grey gurnard, launce, cuckoo wrasse, poorcod, whiting, dogfish and haddock
David had mackeral, coalfish, ballan wrasse, red gurnard, tub gurnard, cuckoo wrasse, whiting and haddock
This was the last day for Phil, Ricky and Gavin they had to get home the next day.

Day six (Saturday)
Colin, Les, David, David jnr Ricky Barnes and Mick Doody on board today It was a flat calm very hot day. We got our mackeral easly then we drifted along by the theatre. We did a very long drift then off to Pinnacle Rock then back along past the theatre. Les had a imperial scaldfish (very rare but chippy had found two in a week).
Colin had mackeral, poorcod, pollock, grey gurnard, plaice, lesser weever, scad, coalfish, red gurnard, cod, haddock, cuckoo wrasse and dab.
Les had mackeral, poorcod, pollock, plaice, lesser weever,scad, red gurnard, haddock, cuckoo wrasse and pouting.
David had mackeral, poorcod, grey gurnard, Red gurnard coalfish, haddock, cuckoo wrasse and meagrim.
Mick had mackeral, poorcod, grey gurnard, dogfish, plaice, scad, Turbot, coalfish, red gurnard, haddock, whiting and cuckoo wrasse

Day seven (Sunday)
It's another flat calm hot day and Tash is on board today.
We went out for mackeral and drifted the theatre first (lots of gurnard) then to Pinnacle Rock (haddock and pollock) then to Red Bream Rock (only pouting pouting and wrasse).
Colin had mackeral, poorcod, pollock, grey gurnard, Launce, scad, cuckoo wrasse and ballan wrasse and best of all he smashed club megrim record with one of 1lb 9oz 12dr.
Les had mackeral, poorcod, pollock, scad, dab, lesser weever,dogfish, tub gurnard, coalfish, cuckoo wrasse, ballan wrasse and whiting.
Mick, mackeral, poorcod, pollack, grey gurnard launce, dogfish, plaice, scad, coalfish, ballan wrasse, haddock, whiting and red gurnard.
David, mackeral, poorcod, pollock, grey gurnard, dab, scad, plaice, coalfish, Ballan wrasse, whiting and red gurnard. And that was the end of a brilliant week.

[Report by Dave Barnes]

Sunday July 17th - Dover Portia (Mick Coker)

14 species and a new club record goldsinney wrasse
Warmish and dry but the wind although light did keep us a bit cooler so it was very comfortable. Turbot and Bass were the official targets but mackerel were very scarce so we had just a couple with a few launce as fresh bait .
As soon as we started drifting the bank we found the turbot and they came in steadily all day accompanied by a selection of other species.
Smaller hooks and little baits quickly found weevers and a a visit to a little wreck produced a couple of nice cod, together with a host of pout.
Fourteen species in all were caught - brill, cod, dab, dogfish, tub gurnard, launce, mackerel, plaice, pollack, pout, thornback ray, sandeel, turbot, lesser weever, ballan wrasse, and goldsinney wrasse.
Another brilliant day aboard Portia.

Les Barnes broke one of our longstanding club records with a 5oz goldsinney wrasse.
Biggest fish was Nigel's thornback ray and Les, Roy and myself had eight species each.

[Report by Jim]

Saturday June 26th - Poole Rocket II (Trevor Small)

Rays and Tope
Mick and I were invited to join the Barnes for a family occasion that involved a barbeque and a bit of fishing. The barbeque was excellent and the fishing was also great.
Mackerel were hard to get but we managed to find enough for bait. First stop was an inshore ray mark where we had smal-eyed and undulate rays then offshore a bit where we got undulate and blonde rays and tope.
Whenthe tide got a bit too strong we headed back to the original spot but there was a crowd of boats on it and we decided to find a quieter area for the last hour. This turned out to be one of Trevor's legendary dogfish marks and we ezperimented with baits. The results indicated that dogfish are not very keen on prawns or cuttle but will pounce on almost anything else.
It was an excellent day, the weather was fine until late on, the company was great, we had lots of quality fish and a brilliant barbeque. I also tested out a new rod (successfully).
Dave Barnes just managed to edge Micks (14lb 12oz) blonde ray with a 15lb 4oz Tope.
A big thanks from me to the Barnes (and Trevor) for the day.

[Jim Grant]

Sunday June 19th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

Early in the morning
An early start. The weather was OK.
Just 3 mackerel and a few scad for fresh bait.
A few big fish lost but 12 species in all.
A great days fishing thanks to Steve Edwards.
Farooq Shah had a 25lb conger and Mick Doody got 8 species


Sunday June 6th - Dover Portia (Mick Coker)

Lots of fish (including turbot)
Again the original plan was cod, and bass but with the bass ban and the cod, not showing off Dover it was changed to a day drifting for turbot.
A great day weatherwise and fishwise.
Some of us had done this before and some took advice from our skipper (Mick) so everybody caught turbot and everybody had at least one sizeble one to take home though quite a few were returned as being under or only just over the size limit.
Four brill were were also taken. Two nice bass (estimated 5 - 6lb) also attacked the turbot baits, they had to go back as the ban is still on (we will still only be allowed 1 per angler when it ends) as though anglers make an impression on stocks compared with the commercials.
That was not all, there were 11 other species caught as well.
In summary we had 2 bass to 7lb, four brill, just a few dogfish, two tub gurnards, lots of launce and mackerel, one plaice, a few scad, lots of turbot (to about 4lb), one blonde ray, one spotted ray, four lesser weevers and one lonely lost whiting (about 1lb 8oz)
A great days fishing and we are looking forward to our next trip with Mick.

Biggest was my 12lb blonde ray and I also got seven species.

[Report by Jim]

Mon-Thu 20-23rd June - Minehead - Aly Kat Too (Dave Roberts)

AlyKat Species Challenge
As usual a great trip even though we got very wet on the Monday.
Great company and and Dave as usual treated us right royally.
Fishing was hard. Points are awarded for each species caught (First fish - 25, second and third - 10 each, fourth - 35) and it was quite difficult to get 80 points for any species.
There were some nice rays and pollack caught as well as some little turbot, rocklings and the usual suspects (Dog, pout and poorcod)
Mick had a good result (2nd) and added three-bearded rockling to his species list for the year.
I did less well coming somewhere in the middle of the field each day.


Sun-Wed 12-15th June - Poole True Blue (Steve Porter)

Four day Channel Island trip - Overnighting in Alderney
Great Trip lots of quality fish.
Great company and a great skipper.
Mike Patey had a 12lb turbot but Colin Barnes' 7lb 8oz John Dory was the cream of the trip, a new club record. Well done colin.

Over the four days the catch was made up of over 10 brill, a good number of cod, a red gurnard, lots of launce, a couple of ling, a couple of mackerel, a handful of pollack, half a dozen pout, over 35 turbot and several lesser weever.
The fishing was so good that a lot of the smaller fish were returned even though they were comfortably over the size limit. The rest were iced down and there was plenty to share out on the way home.


Saturday 11th June - Plymouth - Crusader and Tamesis

Bristish Conger Club Championship (Day 1 only - Second day was cancelled due to the forecast)
Three club members (Chris Goddard, Peter Thatcher and myself) fished the championship.
Mackerel was in short supply and very few were caught but we had taken plenty of frozen bait.
All three boats found wrecks to fish but with it being a pretty weak tide all day the eels were finicky and there were long periods of inaction so no one caught more than 6 eels.
The three club members all caught congers but not many enough to get into the prize list as individuals (Peter 5, Jim and Chris 3 each).
HOWEVER as Nigel McLoughlin had joined us to make up the the GCSAC team entry we did get awarded a runners-up team prize. We also basked in the reflected glory of being associated with Nigel whose 6 eels took him to the podium twice as an individual (Day 1 aggregate winner (joint) and "Reg Quest" winner (joint).
More details available on the BCC website

[Jim] NOTE - NEXT YEAR the competition will be fished on July 1st/2nd and a lot of the competitors this year are intending, if possible, to "roll over" their refunds from the second day as deposits for next year so get in as early as possible to reserve your place for 2017.

Friday 10th June - Plymouth - Aces High (Iain Holman)

Guildford City SAC have a practice day
Three club members (Chris Goddard, Peter Thatcher and myself) plus Nigel McLoughlin.
As we have in previous years we were entered for the BCC Championships as a the Guildford City Team and as in previous years we booked Iain for a days practice.
It was wet, and as the wind was over the tide for most of the day we did not attempt to go to a wreck but fished inshore on the reefs all day.
Mackerel were scarce and we only found TWO.
Plenty of whiting and pout around though and we had a great session on the pollack.
When the tide turned and it was a bit more comfortable we anchored so as fish our conger baits toward the Eddystone Lighthouse rock.
Between us we got over a score of conger to 45 lb, red gurnard, launce, a dozen or so pollack to 8lb, pout, whiting, cuckoo wrasse.


Sunday 5th June - Hayling - Malaki (Barry Handley)

Oh dear Colin - must try harder
Three members on board David. Les and Colin barnes
Weather wise it the best day of the year bright sunshine flat calm the down side as not every can be good the water was thick green.
Barry worked hard, he moved all all over the place, all his hot spots. The fish were not playing, only a few dogfish, Ballan wrasseand a strap conger.
David had dogfish and Ballan wrasse
Les had dogfish. Ballan wrasse and a conger eel
Colin BLANKED {WHAT!!! - Jim]
But we all got a nice tan.


Sunday June 5th - Littlehampton - Lynander (Dick Legget)

Proper bream fishing in Proper bream fishing weather
Great weather, in fact, even after we all divested ourselves of our outer layers of clothing, it as a bit too hot as there was hardly any breeze unless we were motoring along.
It was a big tide and most fish came along as the tide was building or slackening and we move over to try for rays when the tide got very slack.
Between us we caught a bass of 4lb 2oz (returned), lots of bream, lots of dogfish, a number of pout, a couple of smoothhounds, one little spotted ray,two undulate rays (11lb and 13lb 3oz)and two tope. Most of the bream were returned (some with "tags") and a few were kept for the table.
Great day.
Chris Goddard was on fire catching the bass, the bigger of the undulates and the most species(6).


Saturay 4th June - Hayling - Malaki (Barry Handley)

"Its nice out" but not so good inshore
[Colin Barnes plaice] Three members on board. David. Les and Colin Barnes

It's a flat calm day we steamed to deep water and into pollockundulate Rays, spotted Rays, Thorn back Ray, black bream, dogfish, and Ballan wrasse.
The tide got to strong so we moved in a bit closer to the shore but only dogfish, and a common goby. Then back to deep water and had plaice, Black bream, Dogfish, Smooth hound and undulate Ray.

A very good day

David had Ballan wrasse. pollock. Black bream. Thorn back Ray(9 1/2 lb ), undulate Ray (14 lb )and common goby.
Les had undulate Ray. plaice, Dogfish. pollockand Ballan wrasse.
Colin had dogfish, pouting. Black bream and plaice,

[David] [Dave Barnes Undulate] [Les Barnes Undulate]

Friday 3rd June - Poole - Offshore Rebel (Andy Russell) and Piscary (Matt Rowe)

Poole Species Hunt 2016
The club entered 2 4-man teams into the competition. One under the name "City Of Guildford SAC" and another as "Esher Rugby".
The draw was more favourable to "Esher Rugby" who were pitted against "Robins Raiders" aboard the Poole boat "Piscary", whereas "City Of Guildford SAC" were drawn with "Blue Zone" on the Mudeford based "Offshore Rebel".
Conditions were ideal with very little wind and not too hot.
Both teams used similar tactics (two members concentrating on the larger fish and the other two tackling up for mini-species.
How did we do? "City Of Guildford SAC" did poorly, coming well down the results list BUT only one point behind Blue Zone (the other team of very experienced competition anglers on the boat).
\"Esher Rugby\" did much better achieving third place (34 points) - and winning a nice fishing rod each. Lots of credit to Matt Rowe who "had a plan" and stuck to it, worked like a demon to find fish, net fish and keep us well supplied with tea and coffee.


Friday 27th May - Hayling - Malaki (Barry Handley)

Another Barnes outing with a long run home
Two members on board, David and Colin Barnes.
It was a bright sunny morning with a light EASTERLY breeze. We steamed along the bay. First stop we had black bream (all big gravid females), dogfish, and an undulate ray. Then we moved further along the beach. More black bream and dogfish but it was hard work, fish about but not feeding, lots of bites, not many fish.
Next we were off littlehampton - black bream, dogfish and a common goby.
A long run home. Barry worked very hard but the wind was in the wrong quarter.
I had black bream and for fish.
Colin had black bream, dogfish and common goby.


Sunday May 22nd. Top Cat III (Ivan Wellington)

Nice day out
Private trip. Club members - Les, Colin and David Barnes.
It was a calm sunny dry day. We went to the east side of the bay for black bream but the first fish in was a thorn-back ray, then very good black bream, dogfish and mackeral,
The tide died so we moved across the bay to the turbot beds. We had turbot brill and launce. It's nice to have a calm sunny day.
I had black bream, dogfish and launce.
Colin had black bream and dogfish.
Les had black bream.

[David Barnes]

Sunday May 22nd - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

MUCH better than expected
A full complement of 8 club members aboard.
Steve was not over encouraging to start. Apparently there had been a few disappointing trips recently for a lot of the boats and thre was also a bream competition in the area. Steve decided not to fish the area where the competition was taking place or the "Kingmere" so we went to a mark on the edge of the ditch.
When we started we got a few bream but they had to be fished for and teased onto the hooks. Then as the tide slackened, we began to swing off the mark and the bites became few and far between.
A move to a nearby ray mark was very unproductive so as soon as the tide started to get away we went to different bream mark.
Now there were a few more bream and everybody seemed to be able to catch them.
As we got to tthe high tide the bites became scarcer but it was time to go anyway.
Apart from the 50 or so bream (up to 3lb 2oz) we had a few dogfish, one pollack, a handfull of pout, a ballan wrasse and a pair of cuckoo wrasse (1 male and 1 female).
All the fish except a few of the larger bream were returned to fight another day. Interestingly we have, apparently, been wrong in returning females and keeping males. We are now told that we should retain some of each because once they have spawned the females push off and leave the males on guard duty (I suppose though it would still make sense to return females that are obviously still full of spawn.)
There was a tie for biggest fish between Chris Anderson and Gary Lavan with a 3lb 2oz bream each and also a tie between Chris Anderson and myself for most species (four each).


Friday May 8th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards) and Lynander (Dick Legget)

Club Competition (First Leg)
Because of the weather forecast, the competition was very nearly cancelled but fortunately the forecaast was over pessimistic and the EASTERLY wind was not nearly as bad as feared.
Fish were scarce though ("when the wind is in the East the fish bite least").
Steve an Dickie kept fairly well inshore and stayed quite close to each other for most of the day.
During the competition there were 13 different species caught made up as follows:
1 tompot blenny
14 bream (biggest 3lb 12oz)
1 dab
14 dogfish,
5 garfish
1 mackerel
7 plaice
77 (plus a few which did not count) pollack,
1 spotted ray
1 smoothhound
61 ballan wrasse (biggest 4lb 8oz)
10 corkwing wrasse
20 cuckoo wrasse

The winner was Chris Goddard, Mick Doody came second and there was a tie for third place between Colin Barnes and Gavin Thomson. The prize for the biggest fish went to Brian Collett fo his 4lb 12ox smoothhound.


Friday May 7th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

Practice day
It has become customary to book a boat from Lttlehampton for the day before the first leg of the club competition.
It was a very nice day and we did find a few good bream even though they were shy and finicky (North-Easterly wind?).
We fished on the edge of the Kingmere and then drifted inshore to try for plaice and although we had to work hard to get a few fish we had a very enjoyable day.
Nothing big but there were eight species caught.
Evrybody caught bream (to 3lb 7oz), lots of dogfish, two garfish, a solitary plaice (2lb), a few pout, several ballan wrasse, a couple of corkwing wrasse and just one rock cook wrasse.
Biggest fish was Mick Doody's bream and I found seven species.
The only fish retained were about half a dozen of the bigger bream. Everything else was returned including the place which will make muuch better eating if it is caught again in September.


Tue - Thu May 3-9th - Minehead - Aly Kat Too (Dave Roberts)

Dave Roberts' annual RAY competition

Mick and I had a great three days even though the rays were a bit on the scarce side.
On Tuesday was at least dry but there was a cold North-West wind and the rays were outnumbered greatly by the dogfish. Wednesday brought better weather and more dogfish and fewer rays. Thursday was a really nice sunny (and warmer) day but there were just as many dogfish and even fewer rays.
From memory there was a total of about 50 rays caught over the 3 days around two dozen on Tuesday fifteen or sixteen on Wednesday and eight on Wednesday. Sad to say Mick and I were not cover in glory and failed to make the prize list.
At least the competition turned up a variety of rays (small-eyed, blonde, thornback and spotted) though there were, apart from the many pestiferous dogfish, very few fish of other species.

Definitely up for it again next year

[Report by Jim]

Sat/Sun April 23/24th - Weymouth Wild Frontier (Clem Carter)

Two cold days in Weymouth
With nine club members on the trip, the cunning plan was to fish inshore on the Saturday for bream and rays and then on the Sunday, weather permitting, to go off to a wreck for the cod,

Saturday worked out as expected and we motored down the east well past Lulworh stopping several times and moving on when the fish stopped biting and we had seen enough of that bit of Dorset's stunning "Jurassic Coast".
The north wind was cold but at least the sea was nice calm inshore. The fish were not suicidal so we had to work quite hard to catch the eleven species we got.
There were bream up to over 2lb for those who fished for them, bullhuss up to 10lb, small conger, many dogfish, a red gurnard, several small pollock, a poorcod, a spotteed ray, a couple of undulate rays and four or five ballan wrasse.
I had the biggest fish (10lb bullhuss) and Mick and I both got five species.

Sunday the weather probably permitted a trip out for cod, but, having talked to some skippers and parties from other boats who braved it on Saturday, we decided to stay inshore rather than be thrown about out on the wrecks for a few cod, Later, looking out to sea, and experiencing strong North wind, this was a GOOD decision.
This time for a change we headed East to a couple of marks around the other side of Portland Bill.
There we got a few fish. Although the bream were absent this time Clem had provided ice so the ones caught yesterday were kept icely chilled to be taken home. Our catch for the day was mad up of half a dozeen bullhuss, a couple of conger, a lot of dogfish, just a few mackerel, lots of pout, a blonde ray (9.5lb), a couple of thornback rays (to over 8lbs), an undulate ray (10.5lb) and just one ballan wrasse.

Michael Patey's Undulate ray was the biggest fish and Gavin Thomson and Peter Cousins had four species while most of us just managed three.

A good trip. We were well lokked after as usual and everybody seemed to enjoy it.

[Jim Grant]

Saturday April 16th - Poole Rocket II (Trevor Small)

Rays but no spurdogs
Colin Barnes invited me to join him and a friend for a trip after rays and spurdogs.
Dave Barnes also decided to join us, making four and is sons made us up to six. Although the boat has a dive lift on the back it is huge and easily fishes 10 so plenty of room.
The plan was to stay go to an inshore bank until the tide allowed us to get a bit further offshore for the spurs but we were getting rays wher we were so we did not go out to the deeper banks.
We also had a little (unsuccessful) dabble on the way back for some mackerel.
On the boat we had five undulate rays (to 11lb) about eight Blonde rays (to 18lb) a decent smoothhound, whiting (one over 2 lb) and a small conger.
David had the 18lb blonde and he, Colin and myself all managed three species.

[Jim Grant]

Sunday April 3rd - Weymouth Top Cat III (Ivan Wellington)

Damp Dull and Breezy
A private trip two members david and colin barnes.
A dull damp breezy day we went for turbot failed miserably colin tried for launce failed but caught herring then for plaice failed, last knockings we went to a reef and had bull huss, Spur dog, pouting, poorcod, and loads of dogfish but two crew were sick all day that's how lumpy it was.
David had herring and spur dog.
Colin had herring and dogfish.

[David Barnes]

Sunday April 3rd - Dover Portia (Matthew Coker)

Not cod, but plaice instead
This trip was originally planned to be for the cod, on the Varne BUT the cod, were not about so we went for plaice and turbot instead
The first really nice day (just like the forecast).
The plaice were quite obliging even though we put quite a few small (or thin) ones back. A few turbot also made an appearance although they were all too small to keep. There were also a handful of dabs, two dogfish, a tub gurnard, a dozen or so sandeels, several lesser weevers and a lot of very small whiting.
A great days fishing and we are looking forward to our next trip with Matt.

Biggest was my 3lb plaice and Gavin and Phil bothh had six species.

[Report by Jim]

Sat/Sun March 26/27th - Weymouth Wild Frontier (Clem Carter)

CANCELLED due to weather

Friday March 25th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

A steady sort of day
The weather forecast was not particularly promising and the fishing forecast was poor but as we already knew that the next two days (at Weymouth) were cancelled we were keen to get out.
We fished on the edge of the Kingmere and although we had to work hard to get a few fish we had a very enjoyable day.
Nothing big but there were eight species caught including the first bream of the year.
We had bream (estimated to over 2lb) which were all females full of eggs so returned, a couple of dabs, lots of dogfish, a ballan wrasse, a number of pout, a little smoothhound, and a number of smallish whiting.
Biggest fish was judged to be Mick Doody's bream and Colin Barnes found seven species.
The only fish retained were whiting.


Sat/Sun March 19/20th - Penzance - Bite Adventure( Robin ‘Chippy’ Chapman )

Two cold days off Penzance
Its a long way to Penzance but the fishing makes it well worthwhile.


There was no chance of getting out to the haddock or spurs because of the strong north-easterly but we still found a few fish inshore.
We had between us: about a dozen bullhuss (up to 9lb), one dab, lots of dogfish, three ling, a few mackerel, three plaice, a few poorcod, and pout, lots of cuckoo wrasse, and a couple of whiting. all the fish were returned apart from a few used as bait.
Biggest was the bullhuss caught by Colin Barnes and Les Barnes and Peter Thatcher both had eight species

The wind was still pretty cold and still North-East but not so strong so we got a bit further out and a bit further West.
Chippy moved us about over several marks and hunted out a good selection of species (15 in all).
We had about ten coalfish (up to 5lb), three dabs, lots of dogfish. two grey gurnards, one red gurnard, just one herring, lots of mackerel, one pilchard a plaice, lots of poorcod, a couple of pout, about ten pollack (biggest 6lb), a dozen little scad, and half a dozen ballan wrasse (all between 2 and 3lb).
Everything went back apart from the biggest pollack, a large whiting and a pile of mackerel which were kept for the table.
Biggest fish was the pollack caught by Alan Hughes and Gavin Thomson managed to get thirteen species.

Great couple of days.


Sunday March 2th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

Undulating fortunes
Steve was quite prepared to cancel the trip but was persuaded to take us out despite the cold, the stiffish easterly breeze and the recent poor catches locally.
It was cold and it was breezy but Steve did find us some fish. He took us to the edge of a "rough bit" and there we had quite a good day for March especially as there was that nasty East wind.
There were dogfish and a few pout and whiting but there were also a couple of congers, a little spotted ray and six undulate rays. All the unduates were over 10lb and the two biggest tipped the scales to 16lb 4oz and 16lb 13oz (Chris Goddard).
Mick Doody had the biggest fish (20lb conger) and both he and Roy Hebburn had four species.
Only a couple of whiting were taken home because, as usual, all the rays and the conger were released unharmed


Monday February 29th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

A gap in the weather
As the Sunday was cancelled and the foecast for the rest of the week was abyssmal we got Steve to take the boat out. There were four of us from the club (Mick Doody, Roy Hebburn, Gary Lavan and myself) together with another angler (John). A longish day was arranged, a little further offshore than usual to a out to a deep hole.
It was nice and flat and although it as cold to start with it turned into a very nice day weatherwise.
The area seemed to be carpetted with dogfish but when they took a break we did manage to winkle out a couple of sensible sized whiting among the smaller ones. The pout also made occasional appearances.
I got our first blonde ray (16lb 12oz) of the year and Roy had the first bullhuss (8lb 8oz) which meant that we both got five species.


Sunday February 28th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

Cancelled due to weather

Thursday February 26th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

A nice trip out to sea
Mick Doody and I made up one third of an indiviuals crew.
Quite cold to start with and the sun was noticeably absent all day, unlike the rain which was intermittent.
Everybody got lots of dogfish, a few whiting and pout.
The biggest fish was my undulate ray (12lb) and I also lost a 30lb conger on the surface (hook snapped) so I ended up with just the four species to Mick's three.


Tuesday February 16th - Hayling - Malaki (Barry Handley)

Another Barnes outing - CLUB RECORD spurdog
We had a trip booked for the 17th. Barry phoned to say 17th is to rough so we moved it to the 16th. The weather was flat calm bright sun shine we went out 22 miles at 18 knots. It was that calm we stayed out there until the tide got too strong then came back to the Nab Tower but all the fish were out deep.
There was two club members (David and Colin Barnes).
I David had. Whiting. Dogfish and double figure undulate Ray. Colin had Starry smooth hound, Spur dog, ( 14lb 10 oz ), double figure undulate Ray and pouting
A fantastic day another calm day in between storms.


Sat/Sun February 13/14th - Weymouth Wild Frontier (Clem Carter)

CANCELLED due to weather

Thursday February 11th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

A slow start but it did get better and better
Of a crew of six there were just four club members (Mick, Roy, Gary and myself).
Out in the deeper water on the edge of the reef we began to slowly find a few fish. We started with dogfish and small whiting and then added couple of pout, a conger of 13lb, a few sizeable whiting, a couple of undulate rays and a very tiny conger.
As the tide slackened, we began to swing off the mark and the bites became few and far between.
Rather than re-anchoring (we would soon have been struggling with the tide) we headed inshore.
The second mark was also productive, more of everything, including congers to 20lb and undulate rays to 14lb 6oz and an 11lb cod,
and then we went home.
Biggest fish was Gary's 20lb conger and Roy and I both got 5 species.


Sunday January 24th - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Edwards)

(First OFFICIAL club trip of the year) It is January
No actual report submitted but apparently it was a typical January trip with a couple of cod, caught, a BIG cod, lost and a lot of the "usual suspects" (dogfish, pout and whiting) being arrested, interviewed and released under caution.

Biggest cod, was 8lb 10oz caught by Chris Goddard who also caught all 4 species, as did Peter Talbot.


Wednesday January 6th - Hayling - Malaki (Barry Handley)

First 2016 trip reported by club members - Not bad at all for January
Barry phoned me to say the weather looked good and could I make a crew I did it was flat calm drizzle at first then cloudy and sunny we went out by the nab tower we made a few moves to chase the tide its a private trip two members David and Colin Barnes
I, David had whiting. pouting. Dogfish and a nice small eyed Ray
Colin had. Whiting. pouting. Dogfish. Conger eel. Small eyed Ray and a nice thorn backed Ray A good day with lots of fish.



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