Guildford City Sea Angling Club


Skate Wing / Bass Fillet "Aky Kat" style (Dave Roberts)
Skate Wing or Bass fillet (scaled)
Olive oil

Capers (jar)
Tomatoes (tin)
Sliced Shallots
Flat leaf parsley (to taste)
Chopped Garlic (some)
Copped Chilli (not too much)

Pan fry the fish in a large frying pan using equal amounts of olive oil and butter.
Remove fish and put in capers, tomatoes, chopped parsley, shallots, garlic, a little more olive oil and the chilli.
Bring to the boil for a couple of minutes and serve.

(Note from a taster - Absolutely smashing, especially when cooked at sea).

Barbeque or Grilled Mackerel
Depending on the size of the fish and the appetites of the diners, take 1-3 mackerel per person (as fresh as you can get them). Gut, behead and wash them (in seawater if possible).

Stick it on the barbeque or on a grill pan under a HOT grill. when the skin starts to burn turn it over to do the other side for about the same length of time.

The flesh easily parts from the bones when its cooked.

Serve with a little black pepper, lemon, horseradish or just as is. Accompany it with a really fresh buttered baguette for a real treat.

Variations -

Most other fish (particularly Herring) can be substituted although It may be advisable to grease the pan for non-oily fish such as Trout, Whiting, Bream or Bass.

Generously smear the fish with ENGLISH MUSTARD before grilling (the mustard is not bearly so hot after cooking)

Sprinkle a herbs over the fish before cooking or add a few olives to the grill pan.

Mackerel/Herring fillets may be grilled in a tray (skin side down).
Only takes a couple of minutes though more substantial fillets should be grilled both sides, skin side up first so that the nice clean meat doesn't get black bits or stray scales stuck to it from the grill pan.

TIP - Turn the grill down a bit for thicker fish - so that the outside does not burn before the middle is done.

Stir-fry Squid with Ginger and Garlic (based on a Chris Caines recipe)
This recipe works for large squid, weighing about two pounds (1Kg) or more.

Separate the mantle and from the head and tentacles, discard the guts, the beak and the transparent plasticky bit, but keep the tentacles and the solid fleshy part of the head.

Remove any skin from the mantle and give it all a bit of a wash. Everything you have left should be white. Now pat it all dry and slice very finely so it looks like chinese noodles with a VERY sharp knife (some use a "stanley knife" with a nice new blade for this).

Finely chop some ginger, and garlic, and if you have it fresh coriander.

Stick the whole lot in a bowl and stir it together with a little soy sauce.

There is no hurry so have a little rest until 15 minutes before you want to eat. Make sure you have plates or dishes ready warmed.

Put a tablespoonful of cooking oil into a wok or large frying pan and get it really hot.

Throw in ONE handful of squid from the bowl, stir it about for about a minute then scoop it out onto a warm plate or dish and keep repeating with one handful of squid at a time until its all gone.

Serve while still warm or better still hot.

This recipe can also be used for Cuttlefish, which are more solid and the skin is tougher (do NOT give your budgie a cuttlfish "bone" unless you know how to prepare it properly).